Kim Hyesoon began publishing in 1979 and was one of the first few women in South Korea to be published in Munhak kwa jisong (Literature and Intellect), one of two key journals which championed the intellectual and literary movement against the US-backed military dictatorships of Park Chung Hee and Chun Doo Hwan in the 1970s and 80s. She has since won numerous literary prizes, and was the first woman to receive the coveted Midang (2006) and Kim Su-yong (1998) awards named after two major modern poets. Midang was a poet who stood for ‘pure poetry’ (sunsusi) while Kim Su-yong’s poetry is closely associated with ‘engaged poetry’ (ch’amyosi) that displays historical consciousness. She lives in Seoul and teaches creative writing at the Seoul Institute of the Arts. She has published two selections of her work in the US, Mommy Must Be a Fountain of Feathers (2008) and All the Garbage of the World, Unite! (2011), both with Action Books, and one with Bloodaxe Books in the UK, I'm OK, I'm Pig! (2014), all three translated by Don Mee Choi.

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