Miriam Nash

All the Prayers in the House

Miriam Nash

Publication Date : 22 Jun 2017

ISBN: 9781780373621

Pages: 65
Size :216 x 138mm
Rights: World

Runner-up for the Edwin Morgan Poetry Award 2016

Miriam Nash spent her early years on the Isle of Erraid off the west coast of Scotland, where Robert Louis Stevenson’s family once worked as lighthouse engineers. Voices of the island echo through her first collection, All the Prayers in the House, which holds at its heart the rupture and re-imagining of a family.

Bold, honest, playful and inventive, the collection travels far from its coastal beginnings, crossing the Atlantic, visiting a women’s prison and a 17th-century ladies dictionary. Here are poems of ritual and transgression, safety and danger. They take the form of songs, letters, fragments, formal verse – many kinds of prayer perhaps, for many kinds of storm.

'Miriam Nash’s work is thematically satisfying, energetic and dynamic. These anarchic poems are the product of an original and febrile mind. A blast.' – Jackie Kay, Edwin Morgan Poetry Award 2016

'Miriam Nash's poems provide pleasure through the variety and veracity of their subject matter, her insight and freshness of approach, and the warmth she  breathes into them.  Through subtle shifts of key and perspective they remain touchingly accessible, whether recapturing girlhood fears and vulnerabilities or creating semi-dream worlds, as when corresponding with RLS.  Equally at ease with a broken line and traditional ballad form, her often quirky ways of seeing are enhanced by the lightsomeness of a songstress.' – Stewart Conn, Edwin Morgan Poetry Award 2016

‘An already mature voice exploring with great precision our painstaking routines.’ – Daljit Nagra


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Miriam Nash runner-up for Edwin Morgan Poetry Award

Miriam Nash runner-up for Edwin Morgan Poetry Award

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