Nathan Hamilton

Dear World & Everyone In It

new poetry in the UK

Nathan Hamilton

Publication Date : 24 Jan 2013

ISBN: 9781852249496

Pages: 65
Size :216 x 138mm
Rights: World

Dear World & Everyone In It is a ground-breaking new poetry anthology presenting the work of over 60 of the most talented and interesting young poets currently writing in the UK. Chosen by one of the country's leading young poetry editors, inspired by American precedents, and growing out of The Rialto's recent series of young poets features curated by Nathan Hamilton, it is the first British anthology to attempt to define a generation through a properly representative cross-section of work and a fully collaborative editorial process. 

By drawing on the poets' own recommendations, this anthology represents more effectively and appropriately a new generational mood - hybrid, playful, collaborative, ambitious, inclusive, cooperative. Less top down, more bottom up, it speaks also of other movements in our world, and even ends up challenging parochial notions of Britishness by including overseas poets who live or work here and who have become engaged and influential in the scene.

Avoiding, or ironising, older oppositional attitudes, Nathan Hamilton introduces his anthology with an essay describing 'this new generation's hybridisation of two aptly ironic and business-sounding "strains" in UK poetics…taxonomised as "product" and "process"'. His lively analysis juxtaposes modernist approaches with those exploring more traditional modes, hoping to bring some of the pleasures of the former to a wider audience.

Dear World & Everyone In It is an indispensable summary or starting map for anyone wanting to explore and enjoy more of the current UK poetry landscape or seeking to better understand what's going on out there.

'Editor and poet Nathan Hamilton has, with electric panache, reinvented the anthology as a form of sequencing... It is friendly to poetry's inherent difficulties and demands. Which, to my mind, makes it the bravest anthology of poetry of the past few years' - David Morley, Guardian.

'Dear World & Everyone In It: New Poetry in the UK edited by Nathan Hamilton (Bloodaxe) is an excellent anthology of work by 60 young poets, some already very familiar names, some less so...There is much terrific work here and, as a snapshot of young, contemporary poetry in Britain, there's nothing better.' - Adam Newey, Guardian, Best Poetry of 2013.




Voice Recognition
Ten: the new wave
Identity Parade



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