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>Nikola Madzirov - Remnants of Another Age

>Arundhathi Subramaniam - Live at Ledbury

>Hannah Lowe - Chan

>Basil Bunting - Briggflatts

>Miriam Nash - Live at Ledbury

>Taha Muhammad Ali - (1931-2011)

>Amali Rodrigo - The Lotus Gatherers

>Roy Fisher - The Long and the Short of It

>Ken Smith in Berlin - Five poems

>Richard Murphy - Sailing to an Island

>Simon Armitage - Zoom!

>Tomas Tranströmer - Nobel Laureate

>Anne Stevenson - Seven Poems

>Helen Dunmore - Six Poems

>Abigail Parry - The Quilt

>James Berry - Poet of the Windrush Generation

>Choman Hardi - A Day for Love

>Karen Solie - The Living Option

>Abigail Parry - Jinx

>Abigail Parry - Pasodoble with Lizards

>MacGillivray - reads from The Nine of Diamonds

>Thomas Lux - (1946-2017)

>Kerry Hardie - Selected Poems

>CK Williams - (1936-2015)

>Robert Adamson - Poet of the Hawkesbury River

>Frieda Hughes - Alternative Values

>Choman Hardi - Considering the Women

>In Person: World Poets - for International Women's Day

>Jaan Kaplinski - Estonian poet

>Antonella Anedda - with Jamie McKendrick

>Miriam Nash - Love Song for a Keeper

>Tony Hoagland - The American Poetic Voice

>Rita Ann Higgins - Live at Ledbury

>Ruth Fainlight - Reads six poems

>In Person: World Poets - sampler one

>MacGillivray - trailer for The Nine of Diamonds

>Helen Dunmore - The Malarkey

>Jennifer Maiden - Intimate Geography

>Galway Kinnell - (1927-2014)

>Benjamin Zephaniah - To Do Wid Me

>Arundhathi Subramaniam - Where I Live

>Jane Clarke - Live at Ledbury

>Benjamin Zephaniah - To Do Wid Me (TRAILER)

>Matthew Sweeney - Inquisition Lane

>Tony Hoagland - Live at Ledbury

>Naomi Shihab Nye - Reads from Tender Spot

>David Constantine - Seven poems

>Ko Un - Live at Aldeburgh Poetry Festival

>Selima Hill - Gloria

>Philip Gross - The Wasting Game

>Ana Blandiana - My Native Land A4

>Moniza Alvi - Six Poems

>Priscila Uppal - Successful Tragedies

>CD Wright - (1949-2016)

>Piotr Sommer - in English & Polish

>Mark Waldron - Live at Ledbury

>Tishani Doshi - Everything Begins Elsewhere

>Elizabeth Alexander - American Blue

>Tomas Venclova - Lithuanian Poet

>John Agard - Playing the Ghost of Maimonides

>Doris Kareva - Days of Grace

>Jenny Joseph - reads her poetry

>Louis de Paor - Live at Ledbury

>Mark Waldron - Live at Newcastle

>Hannah Lowe - Joe Harriott poems

>Tess Gallagher - Midnight Lantern

>Philip Levine - Stranger to Nothing

>Imtiaz Dharker - Five Poems

>Matthew Caley - Rake

>Raving Beauties - Hallelujah for 50ft Women

>Wayne Holloway-Smith - Alarum




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