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Highgreen Arts

Neil Astley

Poetry with an Edge

Edited by Neil Astley

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Poetry with an Edge

With its bold, uncompromising "stable" of new and established British, Irish, American and European writers, Bloodaxe has revolutionised poetry publishing in Britain.

Bloodaxe poets can't be labelled. They are all different, and they include some of the major writers of our time: Irina Ratushinskaya, Miroslav Holub, Tony Harrison, Denise Levertov, R.S. Thomas, Kamau Brathwaite, Marin Sorescu and Tomas Tranströmer.

But if you want a definition of 'poetry with an edge', the poems in this book will supply it. Poetry with an Edge is a startling anthology of vital, vigorous poetry celebrating fifteen years of Bloodaxe Books.

Sunday Times: 'Bloodaxe Books has established a ferocious reputation as a publisher of ground-breaking modern poetry. It has cornered a market in the publishing industry with flair, imagination and conspicuous success.'

The Listener: 'Bloodaxe has been the liveliest and most innovative poetry house in the last couple of years . . . The moment a name starts buzzing on the poetry grapevine you can be sure that Bloodaxe will be on the trail.'

Ambit: 'They are bold and prepared to take risks and put books on the market simply because they think they should be read.'

Tribune: 'The poets are both new and downright expert.'

'This is a vital and catholic anthology, one of the best, in terms of value for money, since The Rattle Bag ' - David Profumo, Sunday Times

'As an introduction to the best contemporary poetry, this anthology is invaluable' - Peter Sirr, Irish Times

The sequel to Poetry with an Edge is Neil Astley's second Bloodaxe house anthology, New Blood, published to mark Bloodaxe's 21st birthday and representing a whole generation of mostly newer writers.

£9.95  Paperback 
1 85224 061 X.  384pp. 1993. 
Subjects:  AnthologiesInternational Anthology

Title now out of print

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