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>John Agard - Listen Mr Oxford Don

>Ellen Hinsey - Update on the Descent

>Brendan Kennelly - Five Poems

>David Constantine - Watching for Dolphins

>Sarah Arvio - Three Poems

>Brian Turner - Iraq War Poems

>Jackie Kay - Three Poems

>Esther Morgan - Nine Poems

>Deborah Garrison - Four New York Poems

>Samuel Menashe - Life is IMMENSE

>Philip Levine - On Lowell & Berryman

>WN Herbert - Two Poems

>John Mapplebeck - Jack Common

>Helen Ivory - Nine Poems

>Tony Hoagland - Three Poems

>George Szirtes - Metro

>Gwyneth Lewis - Welsh Espionage & Mother Tongue

>Brendan Kennelly - Reservoir Voices

>Identity Parade - Launch reading

>Ken Smith - 3 Docklands Fragments

>Menna Elfyn - In Welsh & English

>Adrian Mitchell - In Memory

>Ruth Stone - What Love Comes To

>Clare Pollard - Changeling

>Matthew Caley - Apparently

>CD Wright - Our Dust

>Philip Levine - Starlight

>Leanne O'Sullivan - Cailleach

>Grace Nichols - Grace Nichols: I Have Crossed an Ocean

>Fleur Adcock - Weathering & Things

>Jenny Joseph - Warning

>Taha Muhammad Ali - with Peter Cole

>Matthew Sweeney - Horse Music

>Elizabeth Alexander - Barack Obama's inaugural poet

>Sylva Fischerová - The Swing in the Middle of Chaos

>Grace Nichols - Picasso, I Want My Face Back

>John Agard - Alternative Anthem

>Micheal O'Siadhail - Between & Transit

>Susan Wicks - Eight Poems

>Dan Chiasson - Hide and Seek

>Peter Reading - Going On & Evagatory

>Anne Stevenson - Two Poems

>Joan Margarit - with Anna Crowe

>Roddy Lumsden - Third Wish Wasted

>Brendan Kennelly - Driving to Work

>Penelope Shuttle - Missing You

>Katie Donovan - Rootling

>Leanne O'Sullivan - The Mining Road

>Luljeta Lleshanaku - Haywire

>Carole Satyamurti - Eight Poems

>Jen Hadfield - Nigh–No–Place

>Passionfood - Three Poems About Love

>Maura Dooley - Two Poems

>Philip Gross - The Water Table

>John Agard - Live with Keith Waithe

>Paul Batchelor - The Sinking Road

>James Berry - Englan Voice

>Selima Hill - Cow

>Fred Voss - Goodstone poems

>Jacob Sam-La Rose - Live at Cúirt

>Jane Hirshfield - Tree & Burlap Sack

>Galway Kinnell - Two Poems

>Emily Berry - Voice Recognition

>Five Poets - In Person trailer

>Stewart Conn - The Breakfast Room

>CK Williams - The Singing

>Roddy Lumsden - Third Wish Wasted

>Yang Lian - Concentric Circles

>Chase Twichell - Savin Rock

>Naomi Shihab Nye - Two Poems

>Jean 'Binta' Breeze - Live at the Y

>Adrian Mitchell - Tell Me Lies




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