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Paul Scott Derrick is a Senior Lecturer in American literature at the University of Valencia. His main field of interest encompasses Romanticism and American Transcendentalism and their influences on subsequent artistic and intellectual manifestations of the 20th and 21st centuries. His critical works include Thinking for a Change: Gravity’s Rainbow and Symptoms of the Paradigm Shift in Occidental Culture (1994) and We stand before the secret of the world: Traces along the Pathway of American Transcendentalism (2003). He has edited and co-translated into Spanish a number of critical editions of works by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Emily Dickinson (Spanish and Catalan), Henry Adams and Sarah Orne Jewett. He is co-editor, with Viorica Patea, of Modernism Revisited: Transgressing Boundaries and Strategies of Renewal in American Poetry (Rodopi, 2007) and is, with Norman Jope and Catherine E. Byfield, co-editor of The Salt Companion to Richard Berengarten (Salt, 2011). With Miguel Teruel, he has published a translation of Richard Berengarten’s Black Light into Spanish (Luz Negra, JPM Ediciones, 2012). He and Viorica Patea have translated all of Ana Blandiana's poetry into English. Their first translation to appear from Bloodaxe was of My Native Land A4 (2010) in 2014. This was followed by The Sun of Hereafter / Ebb of the Senses in 2017, combining her two previous collections, and a Poetry Book Society Recommended Translation. Further Blandiana compilations are forthcoming: Five Books in 2021 followed by The Shadow of Words. He is currently coordinating a series of critical studies and Spanish translations of Emily Dickinson’s fascicles.

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