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As Though We Were Flying

Andrew Greig

As Though We Were Flying

Andrew Greig

Publication Date : 27 Oct 2011

ISBN: 9781852249168

Pages: 65
Size :216 x 138mm
Rights: World

This is a book of awakenings – to loss and renewal, to present and past and place. To dailiness, mortality and marriage. Playful or serious, colloquial or formal, they speak directly of life lived. Celebratory or elegiac, whether set in Orkney, Spain, coastal Fife or Edinburgh, Andrew Greig’s poems are acts of attention, when the mind wakes up and the world snaps into focus. They invite the same pleasure in the reader.

‘Andrew Greig is a Scottish poet of sensitivity and resilience. He deals with high-risk situations – from mountaineering to love – and is particularly good at presenting the gamut of feelings involved in rites of passage: high endeavour, commitment, holding back, drift, release’ – Edwin Morgan.

‘When I first read the poems, I started writing down the ones I was really impressed by, but I gave that up after I’d written down 4 of the first 5. I doubt if there is a weak one in the collection. They interest me for their subject-matter and use of it – very subtle, often very unexpected, always on a nicely serious level, not without wit’ – Norman MacCaig.

‘A lyric poet of rare gusto’ – Peter Porter, Observer.

‘There is little doubt he is one of Scotland’s major writers’ – New Statesman.

'You could easily make the case that Andrew Greig has the greatest range of any living Scottish writer' - The Scotsman

‘It is now a commonplace to say that most exciting new writing comes from north of the Border. If further proof were needed, Greig provides it’ – Erica Wagner, The Times.



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