David Scott

Beyond the Drift

New & Selected Poems

David Scott

Publication Date : 24 Apr 2014

ISBN: 9781780371047

Pages: 65
Size :216 x 138mm
Rights: World

‘David Scott belongs firmly to the long tradition of parson-poets that goes back at least as far as George Herbert… For all their reticence, there is a compassion in these poems and a sense of propriety’ – Norman Nicholson.

Springing from ordinary events, or a picture, or an aspect of the priestly life, David Scott’s beautifully restrained poems work up the detail into a moment of significance. They are rooted in an English culture which is found not only in locality, but also in understatement, and the sideways look. But his poetry has wider reverberations, exploring spirituality and ways of praying as well as momentary glimpses of meaning caught in everyday life.

David Scott won the National Poetry Competition in 1978, and this new retrospective draws on all the books he has published since then, from A Quiet Gathering (1984) and Playing for England (1989) to Selected Poems (1998) and Piecing Together (2005), with the addition of a whole collection of new poems.

'I have lived with this volume for the past month. It has become a treasure. I commend it highly...Here is a major talent, writing of the territory of faith and human experience with enquiry and mystery, with intelligence and honesty, with simplicity and profundity – above all, with the ability to put the right word in the right place' - The Rev Geoff Corne, Methodist Recorder [on Beyond the Drift].

'Scott is that much abused thing, a ‘national treasure’. Thus there is an Englishness about these poems which is defiantly not Little Englandism; Scott is ‘catholic’ in the original meaning of the term as ‘universal’. Perhaps there is another poet-priest waiting in the wings to take up the baton, but at the moment David Scott speaks with a quiet eloquence of which Herbert would have surely have approved' - Ian Pople, The Manchester Review [on Beyond the Drift].




Uncollected Poems
Soul Food
Lammas Alanna
Collected Later Poems 1988-2000





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