Choman Hardi

Considering the Women

Choman Hardi

Publication Date : 22 Oct 2015

ISBN: 9781780372785

Pages: 65
Size :216 x 138mm
Rights: World

Shortlisted for the Forward Prize for Best Collection 2016

Poetry Book Society Recommendation

Choman Hardi’s Considering the Women explores the equivocal relationship between immigrants and their homeland – the constant push and pull – as well as the breakdown of an intermarriage, and the plight of women in an aggressive patriarchal society and as survivors of political violence.

The book’s central sequence, Anfal, draws on Choman Hardi’s post-doctoral research on women survivors of genocide in Kurdistan. The stories of eleven survivors (nine women, an elderly man and a boy child) are framed by the radically shifting voice of the researcher: naïve and matter-of-fact at the start; grieved, abstracted and confused by the end.

Knowledge has a noxious effect in this book, destroying the poet’s earlier optimistic sense of self and replacing it with a darker identity where she is ready for ‘all the good people in the world to disappoint her’. Hardi’s second collection in English ends with a new beginning found in new love and in taking time off from the journey of traumatic discovery to enjoy the small, ordinary things of life.

'The courage of this book - her refusal to to be daunted by the context of its cataclysmic scale - is impossible to ignore and perhaps the book’s principal driving force. Such fortitude is at its most tangible in the book’s focal sequence, Anfal… The horror of the subject matter is counterbalanced by the humility of her poems. Humility is a rare commodity among poets but Hardi, in her economy of utterance, yields not an inch to the showy, exploitative or sensational. The language is trimmed back, its wings clipped, its phrase-making curfewed… genocide requires its own poetry of witness, but also the sort of plain speaking integrity which inheres in Considering the Women… Choman Hardi is no tourist poet, or well meaning writer in residence in a women’s prison: she is chronicler of catastrophe, and gives up all her talent to the subject, all her tact; it feels like an act of sacrifice.' - Tim Liardet & John Burnside, Poetry Book Society Bulletin

‘Another contender for this year's Forward poetry prize, Kurdish writer and translator Choman Hardi's collection Considering the Women explores the eternal push and pull relationship between immigrants and their homeland(s), as well as considers the plight of women in a patriarchal society and as survivors of political violence. An important voice now more than ever, Hardi brings us closer to the experiences of those for whom we all too often assume to speak.’ – The Skinny (Best Summer Reads)

‘At a time when the British media is full of the terrible results of events in the Middle East… Choman Hardi’s poetry puts us directly among the people living and suffering through it all, hearing their voices and sharing their experiences….There are any number of places in the school curriculum where this poetry would prove illuminating, and it really should be read.’ – Frank Startup, The School Librarian

'Considering the Women is impressive in the sense that it leaves its dent upon the reader. I came away from my first reading dizzied, imbalanced and ashamed in a way which I have not felt since first encountering the work of Primo Levi. The collection delivers snatched fragments of the Kurdish story to an Anglophone audience and enacts the uncomfortable yoking of an adopted nationality with fading memories of a crumbling homeland. The grainy footage of barren Middle-Eastern landscapes which make cameos in UK news reports are hereby superseded, through Hardi, by the unflinching force of human testimony.' - Phil Brown, The Huffington Post


Choman Hardi: A Day for Love

A love poem for our violent times: Choman Hardi reads her poem ‘A Day for Love’ from Considering the Women.


Choman Hardi reads from Considering the Women

Choman Hardi reads five poem from Anfal, the central sequence in Considering the Women, which draws on her post-doctoral research on women survivors of genocide in Kurdistan. The poems included here are ‘Dibs Camp, the Women’s Prison’, ‘The Gas Survivor’, ‘Dispute Over a Mass Grave’, ‘The Angry Survivor’ and ‘Researcher’s Blues’. She visited Britain in November 2015 to launch her new book at Aldeburgh Poetry Festival and at events in Hull, London, Oxford, Newcastle and Woodstock. Pamela Robertson-Pearce filmed her for Bloodaxe Books in Newcastle on 12 November 2015.




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