Sarah Maguire

My Voice

A Decade of Poems from the Poetry Translation Centre

Sarah Maguire

Publication Date : 17 Jun 2014

ISBN: 9781780371078

Pages: 65
Size :216 x 138mm
Rights: World

Multilingual Edition

As this gloriously diverse, revelatory selection of translations from the Poetry Translation Centre’s first decade proves, nothing has invigorated poetry in English more than translation.

Here you will find 111 brilliant poems translated from 23 different languages (ranging from Arabic to Zapotec: all the original scripts are included) by 45 of the world’s leading poets. Arranged on a journey from exile to ecstasy, these powerful poems have been co-translated by some of the UK’s best-loved poets including Jo Shapcott, Sean O’Brien, Lavinia Greenlaw, W N Herbert, Mimi Khalvati and Nick Laird.

Founded by Sarah Maguire, the Poetry Translation Centre aims to transform English verse through engaging with the rich poetic traditions of the UK’s recent immigrant communities for whom poetry is of overwhelming importance. Reading these Somali, Afghan, Sudanese and Kurdish poets (26 countries are represented), you will understand why their scintillating and heartbreaking poems inspire such devotion.

‘This groundbreaking anthology extends the territory of English poetry through a series of generous translations that make welcome the magnificent poetic traditions of many communities now settled here.’ – Carol Ann Duffy.

'While engaged with this book...I thought, how lovely it would be if, for a start, every Sixth Form College, every University English department, every grouping of poets, had a copy.' - David Hart, Stride

Co-published with the Poetry Translation Centre



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