Amali Gunasekera readings

Amali Gunasekera readings

'The Golden Thread positions Gunasekera, who grew up in Sri Lanka and is now based in Cumbria, as one of our deftest writers of environmental flux and change...' - Rebecca Tamás, The Guardian (Best recent poetry)

Blending the sacred and the everyday, Amali Gunasekera’s second collection The Golden Thread is a search for grace through the deep process of transmuting emotional trauma into peace. Her book’s central sequence, Nine [Miscarried] Methods, considers the challenge of asserting a woman’s equal status within a patriarchal objectified culture.  The Golden Thread was published by Bloodaxe on 24 March 2022, and launched online the same day - see video below.

Amali Gunasekera was born and grew up in Sri Lanka. She works in the field of Archetypal Psychology. After living in Mozambique, Kenya and India, she is now based in Cumbria. Her first collection, Lotus Gatherers, was published by Bloodaxe in 2016 (under her former name of Amali Rodrigo).
Poem for Poetry Day Ireland 2023
Amali read 'The Beloved' from The Golden Thread for the LIVE Network YouTube channel as part of Poetry Day Ireland 2023.

Joint live-streamed launch event on 24 March 2022
This launch reading by Moniza Alvi, Amali Gunasekera and Jessica Traynor, celebrating the publication of their new poetry collections, is now available to view on YouTube
Moniza Alvi read first in each set, followed by Amali Gunasekera, then Jessica Traynor. They all joined Neil Astley at the end of the readings for a wide-ranging and fascinating discussion about themes raised in their collections.

[23 April 2024]

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