Hannah Lowe on film

Hannah Lowe on film


Hannah Lowe’s 2013 debut collection Chick took readers on a journey round her father, a gambler who disappeared at night to play cards or dice in London’s old East End to support his family.  The collection won the 2015 Michael Murphy Memorial Prize.

Chick was followed by her 2016 second collection Chan.  Chan was one of the many nicknames of Hannah Lowe’s Chinese-Jamaican father, borrowed from the Polish émigré card magician Chan Canasta. It is also a name from China, where her grandfather’s story begins. Alongside these figures, there’s Joe Harriott, the Jamaican alto saxophonist, shaking up 1960s London; a cast of other long-lost family; and a ship full of dreamers sailing from Kingston to Liverpool in 1947 on the SS Ormonde.

Hannah Lowe's third collection The Kids, a Poetry Book Society Choice, was published in September 2021.

Hannah Lowe reads her poem 'Reggae Story' from her debut collection Chick

Film by the Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation, part of their 'Read By' series of poetry films. Directed by Matthew Thompson and produced in collaboration with Poet in the City, London.


The text of the poem is on the Adrian Brinkerhoff Poetry Foundation website here.

[26 May 2020]

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