Fleur Adcock on Essential Classics

Fleur Adcock on Essential Classics

Essential Classics Interview, BBC Radio 3, 10-10.30am, Monday 31 August to Friday 4 September 2015

Fleur Adcock was Rob Cowan’s guest on Radio 3’s Essential Classics; her conversation with him was broadcast in half-hour slots each weekday morning from Monday 31 August.  As well as speaking about her musical choices, she was also asked about her poetry. On Friday's programme Fleur Adcock talked about the family history behind her new book The Land Ballot and read her poem 'The Archive' from it.

‘Rob's guest this week is the poet Fleur Adcock. Fleur was born in New Zealand but spent much of her childhood - and the second world war - in the UK, settling permanently here in 1963. Across a 50-year career she has produced numerous collections of poetry addressing identity, ancestry, relationship and insects. She has held academic positions as well as attracting significant awards, including the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry. Fleur will be discussing her career and sharing a selection of her favourite classical music with Rob every day at 10am.’

Click here to download Fleur Adcock's Essential Classics interview

[14 December 2015]

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