John Agard on Start the Week

John Agard on Start the Week

‘In the year when we learnt of the damage and cruelty that the UK’s hostile-environment policies inflicted on the Windrush generation, John Agard strikes back with these cleverly crafted parables of an outsider.  The little green man’s encounters and observations, his mix of wonder and wise caution, are given a voice that manages to be both naïve and incisive.’ – Maria Crawford, Financial Times (Poetry Books of the Year 2018)


Start the Week,  BBC Radio 4, Monday 8 April 2019, 9am & 9.30pm

John Agard was one of the guests on Radio 4’s flagship discussion programme Start the Week on Monday 8 April.  He was talking to Andrew Marr about his latest collection The Coming of the Little Green Man and read his poem ‘Not Lost in Translation’ from the collection.  The focus of the rest of the discussion was on ageing.

Andrew Marr introduced John Agard as ‘one of our most loved and well-known poets’, and of his book said: ‘His new collection, The Coming of the Little Green Man, takes the world of the outsider to its logical, if extreme, conclusion.’

Fellow guest, science writer Sue Armstrong, said in response to John’s contribution:

‘I loved your poems, John, I really did.  The language was beautiful, I found it really thrilling, but one of the things I loved was the simplicity of it…  This little green man had a back story and all kinds of possibilities, so you found your mind really firing with each of these poems – I thought they were absolutely wonderful.’

‘The poet John Agard is 70 this year. In his latest collection, The Coming of the Little Green Man, he explores the world from the stance of the outsider. In a series of mischievous, satirical fables he gives voice to the political and spiritual, comic and poignant.’

The edited repeat will go out at 9.30pm tonight on Radio 4.  The full programme is available now via the Start the Week webpages (John Agard features in the intro & from 18.40).



FT Weekend Magazine, 5/6 May 2018

'If Agard had not already been forged in the roller-coaster aftermath of empire, there would be an urgent need for society to invent someone like him.' - William Wallis, Financial Times Magazine

A four-page feature on John Agard ran in the Financial TimesFT Weekend Magazine of 5/6 May 2018.  It was illustrated with a full-page colour portrait and a small headshot of John Agard, both taken especially for the piece, along with a b/w photo of some of the first immigrants from Jamaica arriving on the Empire Windrush, June 1948.

The piece was accompanied by a new poem by John Agard, ‘Windrush Postcript’.  The FT also created a short film of John reading his poem 'Amidst a Multitude of Vegetables', which is published in The Coming of the Little Green Man, published by Bloodaxe in October 2018.  The poem is discussed within the feature:

‘Telling it slant is what he does in answer to my next question about globalisation. Instead of killing the moment with talk of Brexit, he declaims another poem from a new collection he has written, which looks askance at multiracial London through the eyes of a “Little Green Man” who arrives at Heathrow in a uniquely green minority of one.’

The film of John reading the poem 'Amidst a Multitude of Vegetables' was posted on Twitter.  View here.

The piece referred to his recent collection Playing the Ghost of Maimonides and his The Coming of the Little Green Man.

Full interview available by subscription online here.


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