Clare Shaw on BBC Radio 4

Clare Shaw on BBC Radio 4

'Caught directly in the deluge’s rising tide, Shaw is a witness who gives incantatory evidence of poetry’s power to define, rather than simply describe, the existential pain of being caught helpless in maelstroms both external and psychological.' - Steve Whitaker, The Yorkshire Times


The territory of Clare Shaw’s third collection isn’t one she chose herself, but one which chose her: the flooded valley and the ruined home. The 2015 floods in Britain left whole swathes of the country submerged, including her home town of Todmorden.  Flood offers an eye-witness account of those events, from rainfall to rescue, but ripples out from there. Intimately interwoven with the breakdown of a relationship, flooding serves as a powerful metaphor for wider experiences of loss, destruction and recovery.

Two poems from Flood are featured on the Bookanista website here.  An in-depth review is online at The Yorkshire Times here.


Hacking Happiness: Self-Harm Nation, BBC Radio 4, Tuesday 17 July 2018, 1.45pm

Clare Shaw has contributed to a Radio 4 series Hacking Happiness. She spoke to presenter Leo Johnson about her experience of self-harm.  This episode opened and closed with Clare reading extracts from the beginning and end of her poem ‘I came back’ (from her new collection Flood).

Click here to listen.

This series was chosen by Adrian Chiles for Radio 4's Pick of the Week on 22 July.


[26 July 2018]

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