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The Trojan Women | Bloodaxe Books

Anne Carson

& Rosanna Bruno

The Trojan Women

a comic

Anne Carson

Publication Date : 25 May 2021

ISBN: 9781780375908

Pages: 65
Size :216 x 138mm
Rights: World

This new comic-book version of Euripides’ classic The Trojan Women follows the fates of Hekabe, Andromache and Kassandra after Troy has been sacked and all its men killed. The Trojan Women is a wildly imaginative collaboration between the visual artist Rosanna Bruno and the poet and classicist Anne Carson. Both wacky and devastating, the book gives a genuine representation of how human beings are affected by warfare. All the characters take the form of animals (except Kassandra, whose mind is in another world).

Anne Carson collaborated with artist Bianca Stone on their Sophokles reimagining, Antigonick, published by Bloodaxe in 2012. This new collaboration with Rosanna Bruno couldn’t be more different. Rosanna Bruno is an artist who makes paintings, comics and bad puns. Her first book, The Slanted Life of Emily Dickinson (Andrews McMeel, 2017), is a book of cartoons based on the myth of her life.

'What do you get when you cross Euripides’ classic tragedy, the artistic stylings of Rosanna Bruno, and the poetic touch of Anne Carson? This book! Here’s what we know: Troy has been ravaged. Everyone is depicted as an animal (except Kassandra, who is another planet, which actually makes complete sense when you think about it). Need I say more?' – Lithub

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'In her classical translations, Carson has pursued what T.S. Eliot called “a continuous parallel between contemporaneity and antiquity”.' – Will Harrison, BOMB

'Rosanna Bruno’s speculative look at Emily Dickinson’s social media feed is so hysterical, you may find yourself with a case of the vapors. ' – Alison Bechdel

'Anne Carson is a daring, learned, unsettling writer.' – Susan Sontag


From the reviews of Antigonick by Anne Carson and Bianca Stone:

'The comic-book translation is zingy and modern... Carson has perfectly captured Antigone's moral fervour and her almost erotic desire for death. The snappiness of her translation hits a different note from Sophocles, but this edition is a treat none the less' – Natalie Haynes, Observer

'Unlike versions of Antigone that try to capture the drama's grandeur (such as Robert Fagles's translation for Penguin) or to make it relevant (including Don Taylor's version, currently at the National Theatre), Carson's aims to show the difficulty of translation, the truly "unbearable" nature of tragedy' – Emily Stokes, Guardian

'Antigonick questions what it means to translate Greek drama... For Carson, her uncompromising solutions are little kidnaps in the dark, a trail of softly glowing lamps that mark the way through the centuries and out of the shadows' – Josephine Balmer, Times

'Antigonick by Anne Carson; everything this classicist-poet writes is worth repeated close reading. This is also a beautiful book.' - Candia McWilliam, Sunday Herald, Books of the Year 2013


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Publication Date : 24 May 2012

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